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a lobster at Cabbage Island Clambakes
Cabbage Island Clambakes
Cabbage Island Clambakes
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Your Downeast Clambake adventure begins with a scenic tour of Boothbay Harbor aboard the Bennie Alice, en route to Cabbage Island in Linekin Bay with all the traditional fixins await you. There a succulent feast of Maine lobsters and clams with all the traditional fixin’s await you. Cabbage Island has been the home of traditional clambakes since 1956, and your hosts, the Moore family, cordially welcome you to experience this “Downeast” tradition! The Original Downeast Clambake of Boothbay Harbor is cooked in seaweed, steamed from top to bottom, covered with tarpaulins and rocks in order to capture all the flavor and sweetness of fresh Maine lobsters and clams. This authentic meal includes a steaming cup of traditional New England Fish Chowder, two luscious bright red lobsters, tender white steamed clams wrapped in foil, sweet golden corn on the cob, onion, and new Maine potatoes. An oven roasted half chicken is a tasty option for those who do not enjoy lobsters. For dessert, you will love our famous Blueberry Cake with hot fresh coffee or iced tea.

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Cabbage Island is 5-1/2 acres of unparalleled beauty in the heart of Linekin Bay. From any compass point, there are panoramic scenes to delight artists as well as those folks craving quiet and relaxation. The island facilities are yours to enjoy. Island activities include fishing from the dock, horseshoes, volleyball, badminton, or if you prefer a less active diversion – relaxing along the shoreline watching the fishermen haul in their traps. You are free to explore every inch of the island.

Rain or fog, the island lodge, a charming 1900 guest building, will seat 150 visitors in case of a weather change. Enjoy the warmth of a cozy indoor stone fireplace and real Downeast hospitality. We do, however, recommend you carry rain gear or an umbrella aboard the Bennie Alice in the event of a shower.

Bennie Alice

Sail the Bennie Alice!

Cruise Maine’s magnificent coastline on this relaxing and entertaining tour

Enjoy a scenic and relaxing tour of the beautiful Boothbay region aboard the Bennie Alice. The tour will cruise along Maine’s quaint and picturesque coastline, where you could see lighthouses, seals, ospreys, and where you might see fisherman checking thier traps.

Upon arrival at Cabbage Island, you will be greeted by our family members and friends. The Moore family, Wayne, Betty, Bennie (Mom), Ginny and Bob, look forward to you visit!
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